Monday, December 15, 2008

A women is a women- Godard

A women is a women is by far one of my favorite Godard films we have seen.  Anna Karina is just so beautiful and the camera loves her.  Karina is also Godards real wife at the time and I think we see alot of aspects from their life that are directly displayed on the screen.  One thing that I noticed and thought was interesting was the references to other French New Wave films such as Breathless, Shoot the Piano Player, and more.  I just thought it was great when the lead actor of Breathless mentioned that "Breathless is on tv tonight".  Godard strikes again with his witty references.
The color in this film was very animated and helped to portray the Karinas child like actions.  Blue, white and red and extremely common colors throught the film and almost provide a cartoonish vibe as to how bright and unnatural they are.  You would never see a house decorated with such bright colors.  Again, jump shots and quick cuts are seen throught the film accompanied with a very loud sound track. The volume seems to be set at one level, LOUD.
A couple of my favorite parts of the film include direct references and actions to the audience.  Karina  and Emile, her husband bow to the audience towards the begining and make a direct reference to honoring the crowd.  This gives the film theater type feeling.  Karina also winks at the and looks directly into the camera which is uncommon in films at the time.  The film is often described as a musical, but I saw it as a film with musical like qualities than an actual musical.  This is a great Godard film

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