Monday, December 15, 2008

Bob le Flambeur -Melville

Bob le Fambeur was a very enjoyable film to me as I watched Melville take a gangster film and make the main character a lovable character with an outstanding moral standards despite his compulsive gambling and thief like work.  Bob takes care of a young girl during the course of the film and gives her a place to sleep and money to spend.  She comes on to him at several times during the film, but being the man that he is, he refuses.  This portrays Bob as being almost like a fatherly figure.  He refuses to lend a friend money when he beats his wife and needs money for a lawyer.  This actions show that Bob is very respectful to women and is uncharacteristic of a normal gangster film in which the actions may be reversed. 
Bob is a man who used to be involved in heists but has long been out of it.  He realizes that he is in need of money and tends to gamble everything away.  Bob has no other option but to put together another crew and make a move on a casino safe.  Bobs' luck ends up turning around for him and he forgets about the tedious plan set up by him and his fellow henchman when he begins to win all the money in the safe at a table in the casino.  

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