Monday, December 15, 2008

Shoot the Piano Player- Truffaut

Shoot the Piano Player is a story about a man named Charlie( formerly known as Eduardo Saroyan a classical pianist) and his troubles with mobsters who are looking for his brother and ultimately cause a chain of events leading them to him.  
Shoot the Piano Player gave me a different feel than the other New Wave movies so far in that it seemed to lack a definitive genera.  Comedy, tragedy, and gangster were all integrated very well.  I did not find it distracting, I just thought that it was interesting that it could be done so well in this style of film and it was something I did not realize until almost the end because it was done so well.  The real location shooting caused the cinematography to be much darker with more natural lighting which I thought added to the element of a gangster film.  
One of my favorite parts of the film was when one of the gangsters swears on his mothers life.  Shortly after their is a jump cut too of an older women literally falling over and dying.  The clip only takes a couple of seconds but that is all that is needed.  I imagine this clip was very popular as we all laughed strongly in class.  I thought this clip to be clever by Truffaut because it added a strong element of comedy into a story that was an overall serious plot.  I can appreciate something that can make you laugh during a part that you are unexpected to do so.  Although there is many genres in this story, it ends on a tragic note when Charlies' wife cheats on him. She tells him to leave her because she cannot forgive herself and  after he leaves the room she plunges to her death from the building window.

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