Monday, December 15, 2008

Two or Three Things I Know About Her- Godard

A Godard film that I really enjoyed.  Juliette Janson is perfect for the role of a stay at home housewife who is forced to puts herself on the street and offer herself for money in order to pay bills during toughs times.  At first she is very uncomfortable in her actions but she seems to get used to it and almost enjoy the night life as the film progresses on. 
 The most intriguing part to me is that she was able to act so naturally when coming home to her husband.  Of course in reality, one would not be able to act so calm and collective after coming home from a deed like that, but that is the beauty of film.  It made the story unbelivable yet entertaining.  I really like the split personality life she was living and how she was performing one aspect of her life in order to feed the other.   By performing the ultimate task of prostitution, she showed her true love for her husband and family which touched me in an odd sort of way.  
One thing I somewhat disliked about the film was the strong political voice in which it was hard for me to understand.  With maybe a second or third viewing it would come more easily, but there were a couple Anti- Vietnam war statements as well as examples of the rough economic times that France was going through.  A good example f this would be the man who watched children as a sitter and also lent rooms to prostitutes.  This man was paid in commodities such as food rather than money.   Overall, I enjoyed this movie despite there being a lack of activity going on other than what has been mentioned, but i managed to overlook a lack of a complex plot and appreciate it for what it was 

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