Monday, December 15, 2008

Hiroshima Mon Amour

Hiroshima Mon Amour was a story about a French women and a Japanese man speaking about their past and present relationships and how WWII had an effect on their lives. The woman had lost her lover, a German soldier and the man had lost his family in the bombing of Hiroshima. 
 It was very hard to put this film together for me because of the difficulty in distinguishing past and present stories.  It was structured very uniquely in that the whole story is never revealed but rather displayed in parts hear and their. Very good dynamics within the audio and visual displays.  After very soothing images with audio of war and unpleasurable noises. 
Hiroshima Mon Amour was not one of my favorites for a couple of different reasons.  The dialog was very repetitive and monotone which seemed to call for more during the scenes.  I was disappointed with the nature of the film in its fragmented ways, despite the intent of Resnais.  I was simply not intrigued with the disarray of a plot, although it had a general direction.
I thought the cinematography was beautiful with great shots when they were present. Again the dynamics of the audio and visual were probably my favorite part.  The title is also very cleaver and adds the the emotion before you even turn on the film.

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