Monday, December 15, 2008

Perriot le Fou- Godard

Parriot le Fou is a film about a man who loses his job at a television station and runs away with the babysitter  (Karina).  It seems like they leave without the faintest idea of what they are about to achieve, and although it doesn't seem like they always agree with the situation at hand, they make it work out.  They eventually start leading to crimes and somewhat remind me of Bonnie and Clyde.  They highjack cars and kill people which ultimately leads them to their own death.
 Godard uses colors to the utmost effect during certain scenes and almost uses a filter to give the whole image a solid color.  Red was also an extremely common color throught the film as Karina is seen wearing the candy apple color on countless occasions.  I am not sure if Godard is trying to make a statement about Karina in putting her in these shades of red, but it seems to reveal something about their relationship after their divorce, I am just unsure of what exactly he is trying to say.  Not my favorite of Karinas' performances but I liked it anyway. How could you not.    

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