Monday, December 15, 2008

Les Carabiners -Godard

Les Carabiners is a Godard film that i also enjoyed a great deal.  It is a story about two brothers who are called on by the king to fight in the war.  They are promised riches and the ability to do anything they want while fighting including raping, killing, and stealing anything they wish, which they do a good deal of throught the film.  Their wives are thrilled on the idea of being rich after they return and practically give them a kick out the door.  
We see jump cuts just as we would throught most New Wave films.  The jump cuts of real war scenes add an element of the reality of a war and not this fantasy life of raping and stealing these men think that they are in.  I felt unusually uncomfortable throught most of the film which is most definitely Godards intent.  His marxist political views are very apparent throught through characters.  At one point a girl performers a very Marxist type poem before she is killed.
The men come back from the war in which they have lost only with pictures and postcards of the places they have visited.  The wives wonder were the riches are along with the men that went.  They are promised payment by the riflemen and are lead into a room were their "payment" is.  They are then unexpectedly shot by the riflemen, actually getting what they deserve in the end for the terrible actions that they have committed during the course of the film. An unexpected but fitting ending for the circumstances. 

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