Monday, December 15, 2008

Contempt- Godard

Contempt was a Godard film that I was somewhat puzzled by as I felt there were alot of wholes that were unexplained.  Although I did not understand everything in the movie, this may be Godards exact intent because of his relationship with Karina in poor status. The beginning of the movie left me hanging right off the bat.  Camille seemed to be flirting with Paul and asks him countless times if he likes her numerous body parts, almost teasing him and leading him on.  When Paul tries to make a move on her, he is instantly denied and she keeps egging him on.  This frustrated me, but what guy wouldn't be frustrated after something like that! 
I found the film to be extremely depressive which seems to be the stage in which Godard is going through at the time.  We have seen Godards love for Karina expand in films already so why would we not see their relationship dwindle as well.  I didn't enjoy the acting of Brigitte Bardot as much as Karina and I was just wondering were is Karina the whole time, but that could be a result of my obsession for her.  Godard was one of the first to display a female nude in a film and that was something that I respect, other than a couple other scenes that captured my attention, I would have to say I was relatively unentertained with this Godard film.

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