Monday, December 15, 2008

The umbrellas of Cherbourg- Demy

This film was very touchy feely in the beginning and I had a soft spot in my heart for the two lovers are they were unfortunately separated as a result of Guy serving in Algeria.  Genevieve, the main character is then pushed into a relationship by her mother with someone that she believes to be more respectable and better off with all while carrying Guys child from the last night they were together.  Guy eventually returns from the war to find out his love for Genevieve will remain unreturned and eventually falls in love with Madeline, his aunts care taker.
Overall I really enjoyed the movie, although towards the beginning i was not keen on the idea of watching a movie in which the dialogue was only singing. I was shocked at how natural is seemed despite the constant singing and I actually ended up liking the film and continued to ponder certain scenes in my head.  It was kinda catchy actually and although extremely unrealistic, it was still pleasant to watch.  I would probably watch it again, and would be able to catch more of it.  The singing was somewhat distracting and it was easy to get lost in the conversations at certain points.

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