Sunday, December 14, 2008

400 blows-Truffaut

In the movie 400 blows, Truffaut uses the main character Antoine Doinel to depict his childhood in small ways. The film is often thought of as a semi- autobiographical.  The 400 Blows is a story about a young boy named Antoine and his trouble making tendencies.  Antoine skips school and is extremely disliked by his teacher.  He is often made an example of in class but he seems to keep getting into mischief without the thought of consequences which are rarely worthy of the crime.  His mother dose not really seem to care that much about his upbringing as she goes around town having an affair which is ultimately seen by Antoine.  He doesn't really seem to mind and goes on with his usual affairs and doesn't let it bother him.
Antoine has a very loyal friend named Rene.  Rene is not only Antoines' friend, but his only support system. They were almost like brothers.  Antoine and Rene try to pawn a typwriter after stealing it but have trouble during the pawning process. They are caught when they try to return the typewriter and are arrested.  Antoine is sent to a work camp by request of his mother.
Still shots and freeze frames were very common in this film and added to the overall emotion to certain scenes.  The freeze frame on Antoines' face during the end is very emotional as you do not really know what his life is about to amount to after he escapes the camp and runs to the ocean.  There is a small feeling of happiness and hope, but I believe that Truffaut wanted the viewer to feel happy for Antoine only for a moment as he has many more trials to bear before he is free from trouble.    
I really enjoyed this film because Truffaut had the ability to transform a character that was usually disliked by other characters in the movie and make him likable and fun to watch.  Although Antoine was a devious child, I still wanted to see him succeed  and be free from the camp.

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