Monday, December 15, 2008

Pickpocket- Bresson

Pickpocket is a wonderful film enlightening the viewer on the day to day life of a pickpocket and what it takes to be a good one.  The main character Michel starts his pick pocketing as a strange obsession or hobby which later turns into a way of life and a means of living. Michel is unsuccessfully convinced by his friends to straighten out, as he would rather make a living on his own time pick pocketing than obtain a respectable job. 
Simple script and sound is accompanied by complex shots of body language and hand motions.  The most notable scene is when Michel is shown how to perform his task professionally by a man who knows the art of pick pocketing to a tee.  The camera focuses on specific hand motions that are slowed down to reveal every step involved during the plan of attack.  Music is rarely heard but when necessary, classical music is used well to heighten the experience at hand.
Bresson finds no need for a complex plot when he finds ways to portray a story with the use of actions and movement to entertain the viewer.  The shots and images take the place of the plot line as the viewer is focusing on the actions of the pick pocketing and is occupied with concentrating on the motions caught on film. I really enjoyed this film because of this tactic

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