Monday, December 15, 2008

Day for Night - Truffaut

Day for night is a film about the film industry and show the trials and tribulations of a director and the decisions he must make while directing a film.  Truffaut plays the director himself in the movie which I thought to be very clever in itself.  This way, he can play himself in the movie and portray what he would actually do and say during certain scenes if he was ever presented with the situation.  It gives great insight into the mind of Truffaut.  I found this film easy to fallow because it was structured in chronological order rather than and unusual, out of place order that causes the audience to piece together a puzzle (Godard).  Although I do enjoy the films with a plot in disarray, this film was relaxing and easy to watch which made it fun.  
During the film, many things seem to go wrong on and off the set that delay the production of the film.  Truffaut is trying to show the audience that the film industry can be a very stressful place to work and one must love creating films more than life itself in order to proceed with sometimes grueling  and inconvenient retakes.  When they needed to perform the large scene with hundreds of people as a result of problems with the film, I felt as if I was part of the crew and was just as disappointed as the casting members in the redo.  
Truffaut does a great job with capturing the stress levels and relays his own trials to the audience in which they can feel stressed out as well.  Capturing film making on film made me think about the whole thing on a different level and I realized things that I never thought about in the film industry, especially during the times.  Despite the film conveying high stress levels in the film industry, the film was very lively and up beat with a wonderful display of vibrant colors that we have seen from Truffaut in the past.  

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